For years, the company has been active in the audio engineering industry. There will be congresses, classical parties, band / choir / orchestra performances as well as musicals and concerts

Equipped shows. Of course, we always pay attention to a competent and careful planning to always look after your event to your complete satisfaction. Special emphasis is placed on clean, precise and round sound even at high volumes. This also requires the use of high quality equipment. The lifelike reproduction of a chorus or the powerful but not necessarily loud sound of a drum kit require the most modern technology, good ear and lots of experience. Not only the audience should enjoy the sound. An important part for us is the stage monitoring. The safer the musicians are on the stage and pursue their own performance, the better you can play. And what would a great-sounding singer be if the light is missing at the right time? or a thunderstorm without the appropriate sound? Experience shows that these situations can be avoided by one of the most important means of communication. Both between stage technology and sound engineering as well as between lighting and sound engineers an exact vote is essential. Of course, dealing with each other, which should be characterized by enjoyment of work and harmonious, coordinated work, plays a key role. Teamwork is a necessary prerequisite for this. Flexibility is also important here because it is not only important to adapt to new situations or places, but also creative improvisation, an important skill that quickly saves the situation in shows when the text is forgotten.

Also recordings in studios and the same mixes can be offered here.


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