Also in the lighting technology exist for many years professional skills. Your conventions include classic parties, band / choir / orchestra performances as well as musicals and shows. In doing so, care is always taken to ensure competent and careful planning so that your event is always carried out to your fullest satisfaction. Lighting technology is an indispensable component to improve not only small acts many times over. They are not just put in the right light. The company also gives the event a creative atmosphere. For each event, a tailor-made lighting concept is developed to match the light show dramaturgically to 100 percent of you. What would a great singer be if the light is missing at the right time or if there is a lightning strike without the appropriate tone? The company can avoid all these situations with one of the most important means of communication, making it a great event. Both between stage technology and sound engineering as well as between lighting and sound engineers an exact vote is essential. Of course, the way of dealing with each other also plays a role, which should be characterized by enjoyment of the activity and a harmonious coexistence. Teamwork is a necessary prerequisite for this. Flexibility is also important here because it is not only important to adapt to new situations or places, but also creative improvisation, an important skill that quickly saves the situation in shows when the text is forgotten.

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